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Adult Recognition Awards 2020

01 Aug 2020

Scouts Australia (SA Branch) would like to recognise the outstanding achievement and contributions to the Scouting Movement, of Leaders and Supporters of Scouting who have been awarded Adult Recognition Awards on 1 August.


Free Fun Home Delivered

06 Jul 2020

Free Fun is a new Scouts SA initiative to provide the community with some 'learning by doing' experiences full of fun and adventure.


Join Scouts 2020

10 Dec 2019

Vacancies exist for Scouting in 2020! Come and join in our adventure!


The adventure continues!

10 Dec 2019

Do you have the post AJ2019 Blues? There is plenty of adventure still to be found!


Section Transition

Youth Members experience the Scouting journey across 5 age sections from ages 5 to 25.

At a number of stages they 'transition' between one youth section and the next, based around a number of factors to provide support and guidance in taking the next step on the Scouting journey.

As a Youth Member approaches the age of the next section we encourage them (with support of the Leader team) to look at their transition to the next section.

This process is an important step in the life of our Youth Members - the challenges of the next section sometimes lead to apprehension and a 'fear of the unknown'

The process outlined below is used at Flagstaff Hill to ensure families are aware and importantly Youth Members are involved in this process as their journey through Scouting continues.


Identifying those 'ready to transition'

Each term the Scout Group sends out advice to members who will soon be in the 'age bracket' for linking. This is usually done with a couple of weeks notice so you can start planning. Linking is an individual process (some youth members are ready before others, some need longer in their current section) - and this discussion should take place with the Section Leaders prior to making a decision.


Transition Ages

In 2018 Scouts Australia made adjustments to the linking ages (outlined below). These are a guideline and we will always look at the individual on a case by case basis to ensure the best possible option for the youth member to successfully link.

  • Joey Scouts start transitioning to Cub Scouts after their 8th birthday
  • Cub Scouts start transitioning to Scouts after their 11th birthday
  • Scouts start transitioning to Venturers after their 14th birthday
  • Venturers start transitioning to Rovers from their 18th birthday


Start the section transition

Start the conversation today! Speak to your child's section leader or contact the Group Leader if you would like to know more.